Youth Recaptured

With advancing age, wrinkles start showing up on the face and this gives a very unflattering look. Depending on the body type, wrinkles can make their appearance even when you have not reached your ‘seniority’. Ultimately when you are at the peak of your prowess, why should you compromise on you looks? Our comprehensive approach ensures that you get to see a remarkable result and a visible transformation in the way you are, overnight.

How is ageing caused?

Aging is primarily caused by the loss of collagen. It has been scientifically proven that the skin loses about 1% of its collagen per year from the age of 20. This means that wrinkles, crow feet, looser skin and other signs of ageing and defects will start making their appearance ‘naturally’. This is again compounded by other personal habits like smoking.

How arethe effects of ageing be reversed at Silkee?

Using radio-frequency technology, we are able to stimulate the collagen production and thereby achieve a very ‘natural’ result that can never be matched by surgery and incisions. Further, as a day procedure, our RF facelift is completely side-effect free and noon-invasive. It is a walk in procedure and we guarantee you that you will have zero downtime. But this procedure cannot be performed by novices. Depending on the various areas of the face and the skin type, the correct radiofrequency needs to be used and the best results are only achieved under the care of an expert.

In addition to radio frequency, botox, peelers and fillers can also be used to give a more youthful and graceful appearance. Botox and fillers go hand in hand depending on the individual patient type and condition. While botox freezes the facial muscles, fillers seek to even out and smoothen the lines. Peelers help to remove dead skin and deliver a more charming look by detoxification. However, it is to be noted that only a real expert can handle all of the above effectively, without causing any sort of permanent damage.

Skin tightening procedures at Silkee are a combination of RF and laser to renew your skin’s collagen through to all the three skin layers. Medically speaking, the energy stimulates fibroblasts causing neo collagenesis. This leads to improved blood circulation and enhances the mechanical lymphatic drainage to cause skin tightening. Further, the treatment reduces the body circumference by reducing the volume of the fat below the skin, improves elasticity of the skin,

The skin tightening procedure at Silkee is unique and is available in one highly intensive session that snaps off 5-10 years of age at one stroke. It is non-invasive, involves zero down time, and has no side effects or surgery involved.

The expert care at Silkee

Under the expert care and supervision of Dr.Sreelatha, you will be able to see real results and feel the change right from day 1. Further, facial symmetry is not lost as she is highly experienced and has a global exposure that cements her high degree of competence and professionalism. As a licensed professional who has gained a lot of exposure from various parts of the world, including the United States, Dr.Sreelatha delivers the greatest gift an individual may want...reliability and assurance.

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