experienced and dedicated team

The team includes at Silkee Clinic is highly professional at the work they are on and that speaks volumes in the clients reviews.

Holistic and transparent approach

A transparent approach is the rule at Silkee and never an exception. The client’s problem is discussed in detail. Client’s expectations and reality are discussed. The options and the possible outcome are spoken about. The procedure and the processes are elaborately explained. What is spoken is what is practiced.

Passion for perfection

The Passion for perfection results in the clients satisfaction and the satisfactory results achieved. The perfect result is considered the end point of the procedure where time never ever matters.

State-of-the-art infrastructure

As a pioneer and leader in Laser surgical procedures, Silkee Clinic boasts of the advanced laser tools from leading brands across the world.

Absolute value to the Real YOU

Silkee does not trespass into your personal self. We do not collect or ask for any personal information at any time that does not relate to the treatment.


The ambience at Silkee clinic is never a second to anyone. One is certain to feel “It is a hospital in my home and my family is around ”. Nothing less. We take care every aspect of your needs while you are here. The hospitality runs in our blood.