Forever Dry

In the sweltering heat in India, underarm hair and sweating can be a constant source of annoyance and embarrassment, not to forget the bad odour. The discomfort is disheartening and simply dissuades one from physical activity of any kind and can cause one to be affected socially, emotionally and functionally. Soiling of clothes, fungal infections and a constant itching sensation are other ill-effects of excessive underarm sweating. Irrespective of the weather, some people also experience a high rate of sweating due to their genetic predisposition and body type. This condition is medically termed as hyperhidrosis.

Be it genetic disposition, high neural inputs or simply the tropical climate to blame, modern medicine has a ready boon for this bane.

That medical boon is the Surgilaser technique available at the Silkee Laser research institute. Based on the fact that sweat glands once destroyed do not regenerate, the laser treatment seeks to quickly vaporize the sweat glands, whilst leaving the upper skin layers undamaged. The innovative anchor bended laser fibre ensures maximal sweat gland subdermal ablation whist being minimally invasive. The laser as well as the procedure itself is FDA approved.

Under the impeccable professionalism of Dr.Sreelatha, you thus get a chance to put a complete full stop to the growth of underarm hair and sweating in a safe manner. In a single walk in session that is free from general anaesthesia or hospitalization of any kind, you get to experience total nirvana from this irritating issue and a powerful solution that has lifelong validity.are involved and hence there is no chance of any complication