Say goodbye to marks and memories!

Unfair though it may seem, many a time, first impressions are counted as the best impressions. It is a matter of perception…and given that is the case in a majority of situations, why do you have to lose out with all your talent just because of a small scar, an unwanted wart or a mole? How about cases where you got a tattoo in just the ‘heat of the moment’ and just want your old self back and wipe those memories away?.

Our non-abrasive laser treatment ensures that you can say a permanent goodbye to all the scares and acne that were a constant source of annoyance and a blow to your self-esteem. The main advantage of a non-abrasive laser is the fact that the top layers of the skin are not destroyed as with other ‘normal’ lasers and chemical peels. Gentle pulses of concentrated energy are used to stimulate natural healing.

Genuine Expertise

Dr.Sreelatha has extensive experience in this domain and offers the most advanced understanding of the subject. Coupled with the best-in-class laser infrastructure at the Silkee Laser Clinic and Research Institute Laser Research Institute, she has been able to successfully offer key solutions to people of all skin tones, types and age groups. By combining the benefits of both cosmetic and medical dermatology, a holistically beneficial solution is obtained. As a leading scar removal and acne treatment centre in Chennai, we can improve the skin texture significantly and help you achieve a healthy, supple and vibrant appearance. Over the course of 4 to 6 sessions, you notice a real healthy change and very soon, you are right on top of the world as always!

What are the advantages of CO2 laser treatment?

👍 Minimal discomfort and no need for any anaesthesia.

👍 Highly safe. No risk of scarring, infections or pigment change.

👍 A gentle and non-aggressive treatment that is non ablative in nature.

👍 No downtime.