Have you ever dreamt of counter-acting the years of sun damage, exposure and environmental pollutants to get your youthful looks and supple skin texture and tone back?

The skin Rejuvenation procedures at Silkee include all enhancement/lightening procedures and use a combination lasers and peels to allow the inner radiance to shine through.

What are peels and how do they work?

Chemical peels seek to remove the layers of accumulated dead skin cells from the body. When the immediate layers of dead skin are removed, a youthful look is obtained. Various types of chemical peels are available including GA peel, TCA peel, SA peel and Blue peel. Each one of them has unique guidelines for use and requires care in application due to their varying strength.

Laser peels are products unique to Silkee. As an FDA-approved minimally invasive treatment, laser peeling lasts for just over an hour and is designed to stimulate collagen production and accelerating the skin rejuvenation process. The main advantage of laser peel lies in the fact that the skin does not become thick or course over time as it happens with chemicals on recurrent usage.

What is skin pigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation, commonly occurring as melasma and severe sun tan, can be corrected by peels, lasers and injections restoring skin’s natural complexion and texture. It is true medical fact that melisma is more common in women and this can have a direct effect on self-esteem and personality consciousness. The application of creams, cleansers and sera correct hyperpigmentation and are used as preventives.

How does skin lightening work?

Complexion improvement procedures of the face, arms and whole body are performed at Silkee with the use of sera, creams and injections. Our skin lightening solutions offer remarkable results and bring back the firmness and revitalize the total appearance.