A fresh look for men

Men are often at the receiving end when it comes to skin care and exposure. Tradition glorifies a rough look and seeks to look down upon soft hands and gentle touches from men. However, exposure to the sun can cause severe tanning and dark patches. This is common with lifestyle and work requirements like an intensive on-the-field job like marketing.

Silkee’s complete range of skin Rejuvenation is developed to get your youthfulness back, reverse the tanning and ageing process and give the spring back in your step. The results are permanent and immediate and vastly improve the texture, tone and feel.

Collagen production is stimulated naturally and there is no side effect. The following are used for skin rejuvenation and lightening

What is the procedure when using Chemical Peels?

Chemical peels are available in a healthy variety and need judicious and expert application due to their varying strength. With a quick recovery time and immediate result, they are the de-facto choice when time is short. The procedure requires no anaesthesia and lasts only for a few minutes.

Silkee is one of the few facilities in India offering laser peeling. This procedure has the advantage that collagen production is stimulated naturally by the laser application. This ensures that the skin does not become thick or coarse over time, as is often the case with chemical peels.

How does Silkee tackle skin pigmentation?

Although melisma is more common in women, it is not uncommon in men. Further, severe sun tan is generally a ‘men’s problem’ due to repeated exposure and other issues. This can be corrected by a combination and correct application of peels, lasers, injections and the renowned Silkee obsession for perfection. Alongside this, creams, cleansers and sera correction hyperpigmentation are used as preventives. Complexion improvement procedures of the face, arms and whole body are performed at Silkee with the use of sera, creams and injections and seek to turn the clock back to give you the fresh look you aspire!