Best Cosmetologist Doctors in Chennai


For Cosmetic Laser Surgery

Dr.Sreelatha with over twenty five years of experience and training in cosmetic laser surgical procedures under reputed names in USA, Europe & Asia pacific is a research scholar on obesity and liposuction. Dr.Sreelatha has published research articles in various internal journals and chaired International Conference on Aesthetic Surgery. Dr.Sreelatha’a compassionate outlook and professional attitude are viewed as her strengths by all her clientele.

The clients needs are analysed, discussed in detail and strategy designed directly by Dr.Sreelatha keeping expectations and the reality in balance. With a state of the art clinic, bona fide results to show and a highly motivated team to support, she has thus ensured that benefits of cosmetic procedures are passed on to all. Dr. Sreelatha’s passion in Arm reduction, shaping, sculpting, and breast reduction & lifting using laser technologies ultimately satisfies the clientele.

The laser surgical procedures leave no visible, disfiguring scars and the procedures are done without General anesthesia. Dr.Sreelatha is the Co-author of the book titled "A ROYAL HIGHWAY TO HEALTH AND FITNESS" that espouses the cause of ‘Health promotion’ as a way of life.

Dr.SP.Murugappan M.D., D.P.M.,

Dr. SP. Murugappan is a senior physician and psychiatrist, heads the operations of the center. He is one of the co-authors of the book "A ROYAL HIGHWAY TO HEALTH AND FITNESS" , published original research papers on Depression, relating to low productivity and the role of depression in many physical illnesses.

Prof. R. Arunadevi M.D., D.M.,

Dr.Arunadevi is Retired Professor of Dermatology, Madras Medical College. Dr.Arunadevi has trained 100s of post graduates in Dermatology by continuing her service over three decades, and also gifting her experience for patient welfare at Silkee Cosmetology center.

Dr. V.M. Raj Mohan M.S., D.N.B., Plastic surgeon.

Dr. Raj Mohan specializes in various reconstructive surgeries and hair transplantation by FUT and FUE methods.

Dr.S.Udayakumar M.S.,

A former Professor of Surgery offers his services at Silkee Cosmetology Laser clinic as a Consultant Surgeon.