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Laser liposuction is a gentle technique employed for the removal of fat from various areas in the body through a very small incision (2–3 mm). A laser fibre measuring less than 1 mm is inserted in this incision and is used to break up the fat. The laser melts the fat to a liquid form, lt is then collected externally in a bottle. During the laser liposuction procedure, when the fat is being eliminated, simultaneously, the skin in the area is also tightened. This means that there is no loss in shape, loose skin that ‘sags and hangs’ or even an out of position belly-button (in case the laser liposuction procedure is being performed around the waist).

What are the side effects of liposuction?

Very minor side effects like bruising and swelling may occur, but they often resolve by themselves, without any need for external intervention.

Though the above description may seem a little frightening, it is actually not the case. The result is immediate and you are fully conscious to see what exactly is happening! Little or no anaesthesia is involved and the procedure happens in an environment of absolute luxury and comfort. Further, the laser liposuction procedure offered by Dr. Sreelatha is 100% FDA approved and safe. Alma Laser Surgicals recognises Silkee (headed by Dr.Sreelatha) as Centre of Excellence in Laser Liposuction.

What are the advantages of Laser Liposuction offered by Dr.Sreelatha?

A quick solution to a long-term ‘fat’ problem that guarantees immediate results.

100% safe and non-aggressive.

A day procedure, which means that there is no hospitalization or downtime.

Assured results that are permanent and superior in nature compared to invasive surgical techniques.

Even PATIENTS WHO ARE UNFIT FOR GENERAL ANAESTHESIA can undergo laser liposuction (e.g., senior citizens).

Diabetic patients can also undergo laser liposuction.

The final appearance is highly aesthetic considering that there are no uneven blobs of fat.

Zero trauma to tissues.

No blood transfusion is necessary.

Only a 3 mm incision is used and it is not even visible.

Skin tightens by itself simultaneously as the procedure is being carried out. Hence no sagging or loose skin and the belly button is not displaced, thereby giving an adverse appearance as with normal surgery.

No sutures, no ugly scars!

100% FDA approved procedure with minimal side effects.

In what areas of the body can laser liposuction be used?

Laser liposuction can be used to remove excess body fat in any area of the human body such as the breasts, abdomen, inner and outer thighs, buttocks and stubborn deposits of cellulite in odd areas giving rise to saddle bags, back rolls and love handles. Apart from the above, laser liposuction can also be used for creating a beautifully contoured body that is not only gorgeous to look and great to feel about, but also healthy by itself as well.

Arm Reduction and Sculpting

Women are more susceptible than men to fat accumulation in certain areas of the body and the upper arm is one of those key places. Sometimes, this fat accumulation in the upper arm also causes shoulder pain, since it is just hanging down. Many heavier women are prone to shoulder and neck pain because of the same.

Even otherwise, fat in the upper arm can cause an unflattering appearance. One cannot wear any sleeveless tops freely or even engage in some exercise in the gym! Coming to exercise, the upper arm is again one of the few areas in the body which is usually unresponsive to exercise and diet. No matter how many triceps lifts or bench presses, the fat just will not go!Heavy exercise also causes muscle development. When toned and slender arms are the focus, how can one tread the middle path to achieve one’s goal?

This is where the arm liposuction magic of Silkee comes in.

With the walk-in – walk-out liposuction procedure, the fat in the arms is immediately removed and the visible change is promptly there to see. Even though the upper arms appear to the causal eye to be an uncomplicated tissue it takes deep experience to achieve the correct cosmetic goal.Under the expert care and refined approach of Dr.Sreelatha, patients not only get the slender arms they seek, but arms that are sculpted and proportionate to their body frames.

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The thighs are important features of a human body and give the desired curvature and shape as they connect the legs and the hips. While exercising the thighs is easy and happens almost naturally when we walk, the fat accumulation is genetic and can cause difficulty when it just builds up on the thighs. Fat accumulation in the thighs interrupts the natural lines in the lower body. Further, many a times, women find it embarrassing to walk with the inner thighs rubbing together. Ill-fitting jeans and pants also cause discomfort and irritation.

To achieve an excellent body contour and eliminate the problem at the thighs, it is important that both the inner, outer and anterior (frontal) thighs are focussed upon.The saddle bag areas and soft tissues have to be dealt with carefully without damaging any of the nerves or tissues.Excellent consistency needs to be ensured at each step and this is only possible with a delicate, yet skilled and focussed, approach.

With her wealth of experience, Dr.Sreelatha eliminates the ‘bottom-heavy’ problem and ensures that natural shape is achieved.If you are looking for the best cosmetic surgeon in Chennai, your search ends here!

Love Handles and Buttocks

Love handles are an endearing and funny term, but a pain to eliminate and a total turn-off aesthetically. While they are gender neutral in occurrence, they get worse with age and are difficult to target and reduce by exercise or diet.

Contrary to common perception, back rolls, love handles, buttocks and the trunk portion have to be considered in unison to actually achieve a better balance, proportion and toned look. Fat deposits are often localized and depend more on an individual’s genetic predisposition. A host of factors including fat distribution, skin elasticity etc., amongst others need to be carefully considered in order to ensure that the best results are achieved.

With a comprehensive approach to wellness and achieving the perfect rear and front, Dr.Sreelatha delivers a flawless solution to complement your style. With a long and successful record in the fields of cosmetic procedures and liposuction, Dr.Sreelatha offers the best cosmetic solutions and exceptional results in Chennai.Dr.Sreelatha does not view liposuction as a mere fat removal procedure. Her mastery ensures that a means to achieve overall wellness and sculpt one’s body safely and effectively.

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Breast Liposuction

Breast liposuction offers an excellent avenue to achieve the shapely contour you seek, without heavy surgical intervention. Further, ungainly bulges of fat in the transition area from the breast to the upper arm can be removed effectively. These auxiliary fat pads are the ones that bulge out when wearing a bra and are a general source of discomfort in clothing. These ‘bra rolls’ can also be tackled effectively by a breast liposuction procedure, without any compromise on the shape, look, feet or nature of the breast tissue.

At Silkee, you enter a world of wellness where modern medicine, scientific advancements and beauty procedures are perfectly balanced to deliver a luminous solution. As a seasoned specialist in liposuction procedures, Dr.Sreelatha customises an individual treatment regimen to ensure that you achieve the best solution you seek. With a dedicated and caring approach, she ensures that you are absolutely comfortable at every step.

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Tummy Tuck (Big Belly)

Engage with the best tummy tuck clinic in Chennai

Abdominoplasty is otherwise known as ‘tummy tuck’. The area around the tummy can sag for a number of reasons in women

After a pregnancy (The vertical separation of abdominal muscles called diastasis)

After an extensive weight loss program

Ageing, obesity and weight fluctuations

Whatever be the reason, ‘tummy tuck’ is a procedure that is aimed at removing the extra skin and fat form the lower abdominal area and tightening the abdominal muscles. Thus individuals can have a smoother and flatter stomach line and helps you to proudly display your achievement of a weight loss or a pregnancy, without any sort of inhibitions.

Further, a tummy tuck also helps to overcome a host of practicalities that were previously limiting you or were a source of irritation. These include a ‘sagging and droopy’ look, difficulty in sleeping with the loose skin getting caught and of course the disparaging look and little ‘pinching’ when wearing various costumes like t-shirts and tops.

Exercise alone does not help

How much ever the exercises and stomach crunches be done, all the extra skin will just not fold and tighten up by itself. This is because although an amazing muscle tone is achieved with exercise, the skin that has stretched has ‘stretched’. Hence this skin will start to hang down simply because the rest of your body has tones and shrunk. By undergoing an abdominoplasty in the hands of capable surgeons, you not only get your figure and confidence back...but are assured of the highest degree of privacy, professionalism and care.

Extra skin won't just tighten up on its own

Weight loss and exercise are great, and they will result in a thinner you and better muscle tone. However, if your skin has been grown to stretch over a bulk that you no longer have, it won't shrink just because the rest of you has. A tummy tuck will remove all of the extra skin on the front of your abdomen, and leave you a smooth, lean exterior to match your reduced body mass As a leading cosmetic surgeon in Chennai, Dr.Sreelatha combines total finesse, real professionalism, complete privacy and years of skill to deliver the best tummy tuck procedures in Chennai. Walk into our clinic and time-travel to the real you!

It is removing fat thro’very small (2-3 mm- the size of refill tip) hole by laser.
No. After the procedure, the patient can walk and go home.
No. During the procedure, the patient is awake. It is done under tumescent anaesthesia, a mild local Anesthesia.
Yes. Both the operation and anaesthesia are safe in experienced hands. This form of anaesthesia is Accepted as a gold standard for cosmetic surgeries and laser liposuction because of its highest Safety report and patient comfort.
No systemic complications have been reported so far anywhere. Side effects if any like bruising and Swelling are self limiting and resolve by themselves. Side effects do not require any treatment.
As it is a minute 2 mm hole, it closes by itself and there is no suture. The scar will not be visible and Incision will be made in such a location.
A day after or within 1 ½ days.
Laser fibre measuring less than 1 mm (600 microns) is passed thro the needle hole. The Laser melts The fat and liquefied fat is sucked and collected in a bottle.
There will not be any weight loss immediately but the size reduction will be obvious. There will be a Circumferential reduction of the concerned body part. Slow and steady weight reduction follows.
Occasionally one may need a final touch up after one month which will be done externally . No Recurrence.
No. Skin gets tightened simultaneously. Major advantage of laser liposuction is in skin shrinkage and Skin contraction immediately after the procedure

1. Quick recovery time

2. Skin tightening

3. Assured Safety and side effects profile

4. No hospitalization and local anesthesia

5. Result: Even skin surface

6. Less traumatic than conventional.

7. Minimal blood loss

8. No compression garment wearing for1- 1 ½ months.

1. For removing excess fat in




Saddle bags


Love handles

Back rolls



2. For body shaping and contouring

3. Breast reduction and breast lift; gynaecomastia in men

1-2 sessions of about 2 hours may be required depending on the area and initial fat level
Yes. Even old patients above 65 who have undergone bye pass surgery undergo laser liposuction Safely. It is some kind of ‘load shedding’ to make the life comfortable to breathe easily, to relieve the Great strain on the knee joints and to move out from the bed. This is purely for medical reasons as a Therapeutic process.
No. There is no age limit. Both men and women at any age undergo the procedure comfortably without added risks.
Yes. It is FDA approved and performed by Dr. Sreelatha, a senior Professional, qualified and trained In handling the laser equipments in several facilities abroad.
The advantage of Laser liposuction lies in the fact that it is a procedure where general liposuction is not needed that does away with the anaesthetic risk everyone dreads about. You are comfortably awake, alert watching the surgery . General anaesthesia has been done away with in laser liposuction. Tumuescent anaesthesia ( a form of diluted local anaesthesia) is the gold standard in laser liposuction. Even patients who are otherwise unfit for surgery and anaesthesia due to major illnesses like heart disease etc withstand and recover well when laser liposuction is done under local anaesthesia. 1. Laser liposuction being a slower, gentle procedure takes long duration lasting hours . There is no place for speed as at every point the fat has to get heated up to melt before being sucked out. Even a minor procedure like gynaecomastia takes minimum 11/2 hours while abdomen takes 2 1/2- 31/2 hours or even longer sessions. 2. Simultaneous skin tightening is another major advantage which causes natural skin firming up by stimulating the natural process.
As you are awake, you will notice the thin fiber measuring less than 1 mm emitting bright red light at the end which is passed in and drawn out continuously. This is an experience and do not require any explanation.