A revolution in grooming!

The older and oft used methods of hair removal include shaving, tweezing, use of hair removal creams (depilatories), waxing and electrolysis. The main disadvantage with all these methods is that they are extremely messy, tiring and time consuming in application. Further, they cannot be applied to all the areas of the body comfortably. Each procedure needs to be applied in certain select area and this is in-turn extremely time consuming and a source of frustration especially in situations where you have to look good at a short notice.

What are the disadvantages of these ‘old-fashioned’ procedures?

Each of these ‘old-fashioned procedures’ must be performed with extreme patience, so as not to hurt oneself. Additionally, there is the risk of skin irritation, pain, inflammation, allergic reactions. This is especially true for highly sensitive areas of the body and more so for people with highly sensitive skin. Further, there is the risk of scarring from razors. Given all of the above limitations with the existing methods, it is best to go in for laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal is a completely safe and painless alternative to the ‘rooted’ problem of body hair. It is quick and can be done on any area of the body and is suitable for all skin types. Further, there is no downtime or side effects. Depending on your skin tone and body type, the effects of permanent hair reduction are seen easily.

How can Dr.Sreelatha help with laser hair removal?

Dr.Sreelatha offers the best laser hair removal in Chennai. When you enter her facility, you are transported to a sanctuary of unmatched leisure and professional services. Laser hair removal can be done for any area (except the eyebrows) and is often best suited for people with light skin and dark hair. However, with a variety of lasers and her deep global expertise, Dr.Sreelatha is able to offer laser hair removal procedures in Chennai that are suitable for any skin type using the latest of available technology. With her deep experience, she is also available to advice in cases of ingrown hair, which can deliver complications when handled by persons with lesser exposure or experience. Absolute privacy and total comfort is guaranteed, not to mention our world-class technologies, ambience and service.

Laser hair removal is thus a long lasting solution that is truly a blessing of modern technology.