Smooth beyond reproach!

Waxing and hair removal are no longer considered gender specific in any sense! Modern men look for professional grooming options to complement their calibre and sense of style. But oftentimes, even men are stuck with only ‘caveman-style options’ like razors and creams and are forced to ‘manage the show’. When you are at your absolute best, when you have reached the pinnacle of success, when you carry an aura of invincibility, why should you still be stuck with second grade grooming options? This is where the laser hair removal techniques lend you the best help. Laser hair removal gives instant result and a permanent solution to the problem of obnoxious hair growth with regular treatments.

What is the Silkee Advantage and how does laser hair removal work?

At Silkee, you are introduced to a totally pain free and permanent hair removal solution in an iconic setting of matchless comfort. The best laser hair removal centre in Chennai thus offers you an advanced gateway that capably removes unwanted hair in any part of the body, without any discolouration, pain or side effects. The laser simply attacks the hair follicle and renders it lifeless. Thus any regrowth is not possible and you get to flaunt a smooth and silky skin, which is impossible to achieve and maintain with traditional waxing methods. Further, large areas can be treated within a short time duration, which again serves to complement your fast lifestyle.

Dr.Sreelatha brings a wealth of experience to laser hair removal in Chennai, with her own unique Silkee Laser Clinic and Research Institute and works with you on a one-to-one basis to determine the best treatment regimen for your needs and skin type. She has trained under some of most renowned names in the field and brings recognised expertise and telling results to all her endeavours. As a leading research institute, Silkee has state-of-the-art equipment and a sterling ambience and thus offers an excellent and safe avenue for men to look their best and kick out the ‘hirsute look’ they so detested!