Addressing the 'root' of the problem!

Thinning hair and receding hairlines are a constant point of focus for men at all times. A million off the shelf solutions available in the market include ‘magical’ magnetic stimulators, hair oils, lotions and creams. But these are mostly ineffective as they fail to address the ‘root’ of the problem.

One of the best solutions to this problem is the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method. In this method, hair follicles from the chin or any other body area is simply extracted and ‘transplanted’ at the new site. Previously, the practitioner had to manually extract each graft (about 1 to 4 hairs) from the donor area using a cylindrical punch and re-implant it manually in the scalp with an implanter or tweezer. However, modern science has helped automate this highly manual process by means of robotic assistance. The process of extraction and re-implantation can be swiftly implemented and this facility is available in the Silkee centre of Dr.Sreelatha in Chennai.

A leading hair transplant centre in Chennai

The FUE technique is one of the most widely used technologies in the world. Dr.Sreelatha is amongst the very few Indians who is trained in Robotic Hair transplantation directly under Dr. Pierre Bouhanna, a well-known pioneer in hair transplantation. She explains the procedure in detail and ensures that the patients are absolutely comfortable in undertaking the same. Excellent care post-operative and throughout the entire time period ensures that patients are extremely satisfied not only with the result, but also with the service.

What are the advantages of follicular unit transplants carried out using the SAFER® automated hair transplant technique?

👍 Painless and stress free procedure. Local anaesthesia, possibly supplemented by premedication (a mild tranquiliser) may be the only ones used.

👍 It is a fine micro procedure and hence healing is very quick.

👍 Sessions are short and patients can resume normal activities immediately.

👍 No scars and no bleeding.

👍 Can be implemented in other required areas like eyebrows.

👍 No dressing is required.

👍 No risk of infection and no bleeding.

👍 Donor area is completely unaffected.

👍Perfect solution in the case of early baldness in men.

👍 Optimized extraction and implantation.

👍 After a few months, there is no sign that the transplant was actually performed!

The treatment thus guarantees a reliable solution that is permanent in nature and side-effect free.

What are the precautions of a hair transplant surgery?

Consult with Dr.Sreelatha regarding when you can take a head bath etc. She will advise you based on the exact condition.

Avoid wearing a helmet for the first few months when undergoing the procedure.