Best Gynaecomastia Clinic in Chennai(Male Breast Reduction)

Can you remove the gland by laser liposuction?

" The gland can be removed by Laser by a technique developed by Silkee thro' the same needle hole without resorting to incision below the nipple."

What is Gynaecomastia?

Gynaecomastia is a medical term used for the enlargement of a man's breasts due to a variety of factors, including hormonal changes (due to age), medication side effects, weight loss and heredity among others. Gynaecomastia usually occurs during the teenage years in men and often resolves by itself. But in some cases, due to hormonal fluctuations and imbalances, lifestyle habits, heredity or medication, this is not the case. It is estimated that gynecomastia affects 40% to 60% of men and can occour in the case of a single breast or even both the breasts together.

The Effects

It is important that gynecomastia procedure in Chennai be carried out by someone with deep insight, an amazing aesthetic sense and a matchless reputation. Dr.Sreelatha and her team are the best cosmetic surgeons in Chennai and offer a wholesome and permanent solution for gynecomastia. As a board certified surgeon, she brings a wealth of expertise amidst a relaxed and highly professional setting. At our clinic, we have a range of experts who cater to your physical and physiological needs, thereby ensuring a holistic solution for male breast reduction in Chennai, without selling you the moon or burning a hole in your pocket. Using laser liposuction, we deliver instant results and offer you a guarantee of zero downtime. We create a contoured and highly masculine chest appearance, thereby giving you an excellent appearance. Since the laser incision is hardly 3mm, it is not even noticeable and the scar simply heals over time, thereby giving you the permanent solution you seek. The procedure is absolutely painless. Come down over lunch time and leave a changed individual. Fly on the new wings of change...yes we can!

How can we help?

What is important to consider is the devastating effect gynaecomastia can have on your physic and your psychology. These ‘man-boobs’ prevent individuals from wearing well-fitting t-shirts and are often an ungainly sight. Hence, it is often a source of name calling and shame, which is wholly undesirable. Gynaecomastia is thus not just a cosmetic issue, but one that leaches away your morale and self-esteem as it makes you appear less ‘masculine’. Scientific research has indicated that individuals with gynaecomastia have lower scores in general health and social functioning. Gynaecomastia has also been known to relate to lower self-esteem and a difficulty in relating to a partner physically. Many men avoid swimming, exercise, sun bathing and other outdoor activities because they are consciously aware of the gynecomastia condition, and this again creates an unhealthy cycle. Gynecomastia cannot be resolved by diet and exercise alone.