Women with large breasts are often unable to enjoy a wide range of physical activities and exercises. Further, overly large breasts often cause pain in the back, shoulder and neck regions. This leads to long-term complications, more so since the spinal column is directly affected and skeletal deformities may result. Further, large pendulous breasts can cause tremendous emotional distress, anxiety, be a source of constant self-consciousness and lead to a low self-esteem. Difficulty in shopping for correctly fitting tops and inner wear can be a very frustrating experience. Due to the pressure exerted on the inner wear, indentations from bra-straps may also be caused. Further, when tight inner wear are worn, it can lead to breathing difficulties and also result in skin rashes from the constant chaffing and indentations. In some cases, breasts though large in size, can also be unbalanced and uneven in shape.

How can Silkee help with breast reduction services?

The Silkee clinic of Dr.Sreelatha offers the best breast reduction services in Chennai. Using advanced laser liposuction procedures, Dr.Sreelatha ensures that you have breasts that are firm and smaller, yet aesthetically pleasing and in the correct proportion to the rest of your body. The breast reduction procedure is performed under general anaesthesia and lasts only for a maximum of about 2 to 4 hours. A small 3 mm incision made is self-healing and this there are no scars or trauma to tissue as with other invasive surgical procedures. With her extensive experience, keen aesthetic sense and sincere and dedicated approach to understanding a patient’s issues and need for privacy, Dr.Sreelatha offers the best services for breast reduction in Chennai. The result of Dr.Sreelatha’s approach is a natural looking and immediate result, which only improves with time! With a contoured appearance and a ‘free’ feel, you can fit into any clothing you desire and get the spring back in your step.

Delivering a pleasing, beautiful and natural look, Dr.Sreelatha is commited to ensuring your happiness and satisfaction at all times! Schedule an appointment now and discover the real joy again!